4 worth-knowing ventures in Mauritius for mindful travelers

During my two-year stay in Mauritius, I was curious to discover the action besides the lush hospitality industry and the immaculate beaches. So, if you are setting foot on the tropical island of Mauritius, meet four game-changing wanderers. Above all, they are instilling their skills, time, and heart in a novel cause.

Wesley & Kelly: Hand in hand agripreneurs  

In 2015, during a stopover holiday in Mauritius, Wesley and Kelly noticed that canned fruit and veg was much cheaper than the fresh produce. Initially, they saw the need for a food delivery app, but soon they realized that the problem has deeper roots. So, a more radical solution is required. “We want to inform and educate the next generation about sustainable farming that works with nature instead of against it. And we want to create conscious food consumers,” they say.

Farmcity was founded to address the inefficiency of a food inequity system that hinders the supply of food among those who have very little while it encourages overconsumption by those who can afford it. With technology integration, Wesley and Kelly are growing fruits and vegetables under the shelter of the Tropic Bird. This is a smart, patent-pending greenhouse, designed for the tropics. Apart from storing rainwater for future use, is dismantled and withstands cyclonic wind speeds of up to 280 km/h!

Plan your visit via email: contact@farmcity.co

Lorena & Dr. Keyur: Mauritian dogs’ best friends

Lorena and Dr. Keyur are a loving couple in life and a steadfast team at work. Each day, they stand side by side in their newly-formed clinic to close the vicious cycle of over 250,000 stray dogs in Mauritius. The human population is only four times more. They perform between 12 to 15 appointed sterilizations daily. In addition, they do check-ups and vaccinations, and deal with emergencies.

Lorena and Dr. Keyur’s surgery is on a privately owned Animal Sanctuary for retired and rescued animals. Ex-racehorses, injured monkeys, goats, rabbits, and dogs live happily in this farmland, off the M2 highway. “We are needed here. As long as we have the mental and physical strength, we will continue doing what we do” they say.

Whether you wish to offer a helping hand or stop by and say hello, find the sanctuary here

Priya: Designer, entrepreneur, and explorer

At the age of 27, Priya left London to satisfy her desire for adventure and self-discovery. She got a job as an editor in Mumbai, India, and for some years the country was silently influencing her. “In Europe, we strive for perfection. But in India I would see beauty everywhere, in all the little imperfections” she says.

Imiloa (a Hawaiian word meaning exploration for inspiration) is a tattooed calligraphy on Priya’s left wrist. It’s also the name of her multi-functional venue in Mauritius’ north region. Imiloa aims to make people think outside the box. “We promote design, innovation, and creativity in a transformable space. It is a shop with an on-site café, which becomes an art gallery or an event space where you can learn and teach a different skill. We don’t just make our creations with the artisans. We foster their talents and learn from their intelligence.”

Location of Imiloa Boutique: Royal road, Pointe Aux Cannoniers (opposite the Roots Café)

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Nathalie: New mother and yogipreneur

Nathalie was born and raised in Belgium. After having lived in France, Spain, and Singapore, she came to Mauritius to reconnect with her roots.  

A martial artist with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she started practicing yoga as a complementary activity to restore her body from training injuries. Soon yoga became something more than a side project. Today, Nathalie is a certified personal trainer and Vinyasa Yoga teacher. “No two Vinyasa Yoga practices are similar. The intensity can vary from a soft and introspective sequence to a challenging one. There is always a right flow for how you feel at a particular place and time,” she says.

During her pregnancy, Nathalie launched her fashionable activewear made in Mauritius. Pur’Nam (pure soul in Mauritian Creole) is sourcing products and services from local entrepreneurs, artisans, and manufacturers. The brand’s vision is to promote collaboration for a sustainable lifestyle.

Book your way to a healthier and happier you: Whatsapp or call Nathalie on +230 52551256 or send her an email at nathalie@fitnath.com

If you found this information about Mauritius useful and you are curious to discover more about Mark Twain’s heaven on earth, let’s chat!

Posted by Maria Iotova
A serial expat and writer, living abroad helps me look at things with fresh eyes and get rid of preconceptions. I find it easier to board a plane and start all over again than deciding what to have for dinner, but putting my life on the scale and hitting the 23 kg target isn’t sorrow-free. From Greece to England, Ghana, South Korea, and Mauritius, the world is my home.

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