A beginner’s guide to Amsterdam


The summer is an excellent time to visit Amsterdam when the days are longer — the sun sets after 10 PM! — and temperatures warmer. Amsterdam’s unique architecture, canal system, and outstanding culture justify the city’s nickname the Venice of the North. Besides its urban charm, Amsterdam is also one of the most liberal cities in the world. There aren’t many things you cannot do in Amsterdam, as long as you respect the laws and the common good. Are you ready to find out why the city scores big among travellers?    

Quirky museums

Amsterdam Museums

There are more than 30 museums in Amsterdam for all interests. After visiting the most renowned Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, and Rijksmuseum, allow some time for the unconventional museums. Visit the Houseboat Museum to find out how living in a canal boat is, or the Sex Museum to understand love and nudity through time. Fashion lovers shouldn’t miss the Tassenmuseum or Museum of Bags and Purses with modern and vintage items.  

Self-guided boat tours

The best way to explore the canals and admire at the distinctive architecture along them is from inside. There are numerous canal tours and cruises to choose from, but we highly recommend the self-guided boat tour. Rent a boat with your friends, and create your route with as many stops as you like at the locations you want. If you are worried about your sailing skills, note that the boat is easy to control, and no licence is required.  

Amsterdam Forest

Vonderlpark in the center of the city receives about ten million visitors per year. In our opinion, in the summer, when the crowds take over, they take away from the beauty of the surrounding. Don’t fret because Amsterdam doesn’t lack parks — nature plays an important role in locals’ lifestyle. Edge further away from the city center, and head south to Amsterdam Forest. Half an hour on public transport and you will enter a natural world, where you can easily spend the whole day. You can enjoy a travel fitness routine at the swimming pool or relax among trees and birds.    

Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market)

Flower market Amsterdam

Dutch people love the countryside, and urbanites had to find a way to bring the beauty of it to the city. Bloemenmarkt, in the city’s southern canal belt, opened in 1862 and remains the only floating flower market in the world. The market is made of 15 stalls, and it’s the most colorful and aromatic attraction in Amsterdam. Here, you can also find tulip bulbs, seeds, and houseplants, as well as many souvenirs to take back home.  

Eye Film Institute

Eye Film Institute

If you are a dedicated cinephile, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Eye Film Institute on the northern bank of Amsterdam’s waterfront. Both the architecture of the large building, as well as the minimal interior, are impressive. You can either visit the permanent exhibition highlighting the technological developments in the film industry, watch a film, or enjoy the views of IJ river from the terrace.

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A’DAM Lookout

Noord is among the most hipster areas of Amsterdam, brimming with summer festivals, street markets, and vibrant waterside bars and restaurants. A’DAM (Amsterdam Dance and Music) tower has many facilities, including an underground nightclub. But we urge you to go there for the open-air rooftop, from where you can enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. Adventurers can swing out over the edge of the building in the highest swing in Europe.

House of Bols

Bols Museum

Did you know that gin evolved from the Dutch Genever liquor and Lucas Bols is the oldest distilled spirit brand? Learn more about the fascinating history of this unique drink and its making process at the House of Bols museum. At the end of the tour enjoy an aromatic tasting experience. You can try the complimentary Genever-based cocktail or some of the 38 different Bols liqueurs.

Nightlife Ticket

Now that you have explored Amsterdam by day, it’s time experience the city’s vivid nightlife. If you are planning to do serious clubbing, it’s in your best interest to purchase the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Not only it will help you stay within budget but will help you skip the lines, and go straight to the fun part. Select tickets will grant you access to VIP events and special parties, or come with complimentary drinks at particular bars.

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