Christmas in Lisbon: How to pull it off like a local

Lisbon city houses and sea view

We may not have satellites and radars, but we have the eyes and ears of our loclpals. Today, we make a stop at Lisbon to give out some (but not all) of the merriest things to do in Europe’s second oldest city during the holidays. So, are you ready to let your Christmas spirit shine like a lisboeta?

Wonderland Lisboa

Christmas brings out the child in us, and there’s no better place to entertain your innocent self than Wonderland Lisboa. If you don’t mind tumbling head over heels, tighten up those ice skates, and get into the 800-square-meter synthetic (aka eco-friendly) ice rink. For a less grounded experience, hop on the giant wheel to marvel at the city from 30 meters high. Oh, snap! Did you forget to buy a present for your otherwise favorite auntie? In Wonderland’s Christmas market you will find anything from handicrafts and accessories to clothes, books, and toys. Boost your energy levels with the traditional Portuguese doughnuts (farturas) and wash them down with ginjinha liquor.

Good to know: Open until January, 1 with free entry.

Music Box

An integral part of Lisbon’s nightlife scene and cultural life, Music Box presents only eclectic shows. On December 25, the Portuguese rock band Capitão Fausto invites you to an after-turkey party, which will take you to the early hours of the day after Christmas. So, if you have nothing against spending the 26th of December curled in bed in your pjs (like most of us will do anyway), getting through a nasty hangover, go ahead and dance the night away!

Good to know: Tickets are on sale for €15.

Natal Criativo at Lx factory

Want to be where the in crowds of Lisbon are? Lx factory in Alcântara is a cool hangout industrial zone where ideas and creativity are produced throughout the year. A former 17th-century fabrics factory, Lx has turned into a 23,000-square-meter street art heaven, culture hub, and shared space of innovation. The best part is that all the action is taking place near funky bars and an overall bustling nightlife. This year, a unique Christmas market hosts artists and designers who have stories to tell and an impact to make through their items.

Good to know: Open until December, 23 with free entry.  

Avenida da Liberdade

Christmas decorations evoke excitement, and even scientists agree that fairy lights are making us happier. Because we do care about your well-being, we urge you to check out Avenida da Liberdade, which is garlanded with colorful glare. Attention alert: there’s a strong chance that the high-end shops will steal the show. For more lights (and traditional pastries) head to Praça de D. Pedro IV.Complete your enlightening at Praça do Comércio, a 20-minute-walk from where you started.

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Circo Natal do Coliseu de Lisboa

Every Christmas, the unspoken Portuguese tradition of going to the circus revives. So, if you are looking for the magic, the circus is the place where dreams come true and laughter is guaranteed. Travel to faraway places with the performers who conserve the ancient spectacle through extraordinary acrobatics, aerial acts, and a sense of body liberation and freedom. And because we suspect what your worry might be, here, you won’t see gigs with animals.

Good to know: Until December, 26 with tickets available from €15.

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