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Let’s take a journey back to ancient Athens when intellectuals’ favorite pastime was sitting around big tables and having heated conversations. Now, can you guess where many of the philosophers’ brilliant ideas and theories emanated from? Maybe this quote from Plato will give you a clue: “No thing more excellent nor valuable than wine was ever granted mankind by God”. Today, myths about Dionysus, the ancient god of grape-harvest, are consigned to oblivion. And, the latest wine production technologies have replaced worships. But for wine aficionados, the drink is still associated with some of the best things that life has to offer. While modern Greece may not be the wine producer of the scale of South Africa and France, it has exceptional grape varieties. We urge you to try Greece’s palatable wines in some of Athens’ most atmospheric wine bars.


Less than a three-minute walking distance from the Acropolis metro station, in a narrow back street, Winepoint is easy to miss. But that’s what we are here for! Even though space is small (you cannot say the same for the selection of wines), for most of the time it’s not crowded. So, it’s an ideal spot for a romantic date or even a casual business meeting. Winepoint’s knowledgeable bartenders are always keen to offer a crash course on Greek wines. We have just hit on our favorite, which comes all the way from northern Greece. It’s a balanced combination of aromatic flowers and berries. But then, to be honest, it’s the bottle’s golden rose color that attracted us the most.

By the Glass

In the heart of Athens, about 300 meters away from Syntagma square, By the Glass is waiting to introduce you to the narratives of Greek wine. There are a few things that make this place special. First, the little garden that mentally and physically detaches you from the density of the city. Then, the occasional live music events, which make the wine drinking experience more delightful and engaging. Last but not least, the regular customers who create this cosy feeling of being in someone’s living room. By the Glass is one of the most well-stocked wine bars in Athens with 250 labels from Greek and international vineyards. Consider combining your wine with dinner, since By the Glass offers a substantial food menu. Select from cold and hot dishes to traditional Greek desserts with a fresh twist.

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As opposed to the wine itself, wine bars are quite a new concept in the Greek capital. Oinosocent, which started as a wine cellar, boasts to be the first wine bar in Athens. Fast forward ten years, the city has gained a whopping crowd of wine enthusiasts. At Oinoscent you will find a list of over 50 wines by the glass, which is renewed twice a week! If that is not a great reason to keep coming back, then we don’t know what is. Do you wish to learn more about the art of winemaking in Greece? Oinoscent hosts private tastings for all levels of oenophiles, as well as blind tastings to help you discover your taste.

Warehouse Edge & Warehouse CO2

Because one Warehouse wasn’t enough to encapsulate the passion for quality wine, Warehouse CO2 is its bubbly twin bar. As its name reveals, it’s dedicated to champagnes and sparkling wines. The Warehouse Project prides itself on a wide selection of wines, which spans across 200 bottles and 70 labels by the glass. To top it all off, you can leave with as many bottles as you wish from the wine shop. Your friends and family back home will appreciate your symbolic gesture of sharing with them some of Greece’s most exquisite tastes.   

Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro

The first things that are likely to impress you at Vintage, before you even get to the wine menu, are the open space and the elegant decor. Here, sophisticated combinations of tapas accompany your choices of wine, mainly from Greek — but not only — vineyards. If you are lucky, you may get to meet the owners, who have proudly selected every single label of the 500 on the list. Thanks to the technology of Coravin, which allows pouring wine without removing the cork, almost all wines are available by the glass. Even some of the most upmarket ones!

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