Koukaki: Athens’ cool neighborhood

Koukaki neighbourhood in Athens

Back in the early 2000s, Koukaki was my liberation. Every morning, I was taking the 15-minute walk from my home in Neos Kosmos to my high school in Koukaki. The imaginary border of Syngrou Avenue between the two neighborhoods was my transition from my refuge to the real world. Ever since Athenians have witnessed a sea change in Koukaki’s looks and behaviors. But despite its endorsement as one of the most interesting places to stay in and its popularity among tourists, the area has remained loyal to its values. The humble, sociable, and creative Koukaki of my adolescence continues to charm today’s hive of visitors with its authenticity. Join me on a walk around Athens’ most hip neighborhood, where the cool kids were, are, and will always be.

Starting the day in Koukaki

Freshly baked bread

The recent boost in temporary accommodation demand has turned Koukaki into an undercover construction site. The tastefully renovated apartments in combination with the many boutique hotels and hostels won’t leave you short of lodging options. To top it all off, Koukaki is between Acropolis and Syngrou-Fix metro stations. Thus, you have easy access to some of Athens’ most prominent archaeological sites while enjoying the convenience of a self-sufficient neighborhood. If breakfast is your most important meal of the day, family-run Takis bakery is a pit stop for early risers. And for those who partied hard the night before, sleep in because you can never be late for brunch. At Riza Riza on the pedestrian-only Drakou street, you can feast on pancakes, pizza, and eggs cooked with imagination.

Because culture matters

Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum in Athens

Koukaki’s permanent residents may come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common — their appreciation of aesthetics. It must be the influence of the views of the Parthenon, a gentle reminder of timeless beauty. In Koukaki you will find the less known, but without a doubt worth visiting Ilias Lalounis Jewelry Museum. The precious exhibits of ornaments and miniature sculptures are the products of master jewelers of the 20th century. Then, if you want to explore the contemporary art scene of Athens, Koukaki is home to several art galleries. In addition, initiatives such as Trii Art Hub and State of Concept support and promote young artists.  

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Shopping matters too

The neighborhood’s boho personality is also reflected in the items you find in its local boutiques. In Koukaki, there are neither luxury brands nor retail chains. Here, shopping isn’t about the quantity but the quality of reasonably-priced purchases. From handmade accessories and unisex clothes to decorative homeware, in Koukaki shopping comes with a twist. Area Concept Store and Me Then cherish simplicity, comfort, and diversity. Are you trying to add some minimalism in your life without compromising your style? When it opened over 20 years ago, Gallery Marneri was the first of its kind in Greece. A gallery dedicated to art jewelry for a futuristic touch to your image.

A night that has it all

Athens night views of the Parthenon

Koukaki pulls out all the stops for a fun night in Athens. The neighborhood brims with restobars, wine bars, and traditional taverns with indoors and outdoors seats throughout the year. So, enjoy the breathtaking sunset views from atop Musses Hill (also known as Philopappou), before you head to dinner. If you yearn for the traditional wraps, Kalamaki Bar serves tried-and-tested recipes in a modern setting. Depending on your favorite drink — wine, beer, a cocktail, or Greek heartwarming liqueurs — Koukaki has a say. And, if you feel like closing the night off with a dance, don’t miss the tropical vibes at Tiki Bar’s holiday setting.   

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Posted by Maria Iotova
A serial expat and writer, living abroad helps me look at things with fresh eyes and get rid of preconceptions. I find it easier to board a plane and start all over again than deciding what to have for dinner, but putting my life on the scale and hitting the 23 kg target isn’t sorrow-free. From Greece to England, Ghana, South Korea, and Mauritius, the world is my home.

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