Second-hand shops in Athens for your vintage soul

I don’t know if it’s just me, but in my mind, there’s a strong link between traveling and shopping — in such a way that one cannot exist without the other. Buying souvenirs for friends and family is a great approach to express thoughtfulness or take some memories with you. However, I am more passionate about second-hand shops and vintage stores.

It’s during my time in London that I became familiar with the concept of second-hand and thrift shopping. Ever since, I am addicted to browsing in this little shops often filled with real treasures. A raincoat from London, a scarf from Jordan, a pair of boots from Paris, and so many things that carry the essence of the place I visited.

Before every trip I take, I locate the best vintage stores. Today is your lucky day because if you have the same zeal for second-hand shops, I have already done all the research for you. Here are the best second-hand shops in Athens.


Photo by Konstantina Asimiadi

Being in business since 1979, Troc is the first vintage store in Athens. Here, you can find anything you wish — from clothes and jewelry to vintage homeware and decoration items. Bring unwanted clothes and accessories in good condition to Troc (preferably women’s fashion) and agree a price with the store manager. If your pieces are sold, you get paid the agreed amount, if not, you can pick them up at the end of the season.

Where: 39 Dimitriou Soutsou, Athens

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Yesterday’s Bread

Yesterday’s Bread also has a long, respectable history in the world of second-hand shops. Precisely, its experience in the market counts 22 years. Are you an avid collector of All Star or Vans? Well, then you should visit Yesterday’s Bread, where you can find the collectible classics at prices as low as five euros. The store restocks every week, importing clothes from the Netherlands and France, so there’s always something for every style and taste. Isn’t that silk shirt one to die for?

Where: Kallidromiou 87-89, Exarcheia, Athens

girl in second-hand jumper

Kilo Shop

All clothes in stock are from Paris, and you can either shop by the piece or kilo — yeah, that’s right! There are three color-coded groups of clothes in the store, and each color corresponds to a different value. Prices are at 25, 35, or 60 euros per kilo depending on the group your selected items fall under. Every week, 3,000 new pieces arrive, and if you find something you like, just buy it without second thoughts. Trust me; you won’t see it next time.

Where: Ermou 120, Monastiraki, Athens

Brand Stories

If you wish to enliven your wardrobe with luxury brands, or you have always been dreaming about a Chanel bag, but couldn’t afford it, Brand Stories gives your style a second chance. In this store, you can find top branded, pre-owned bags, scarves, and accessories in perfect condition and mesmerizing prices. You will probably come for one and leave with two.

Where: Solonos 37 & Dimokritou, Kolonaki, Athens

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Posted by Maria
I am the manager of a women's fashion shop. I always stay up to date with the local fashion scene, independent Greek designers, and boutique shops. In my free time, I love cooking, walking my dogs, and exploring my city.

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