How does it work?
loclpal is a chat-based platform that intelligently matches travelers with like-minded locals – based on their preferences and interests. You set up your profile where you list your interests – the things you’re expert in or passionate about, the languages that you speak, etc. Based on your profile, we recommend like-minded locals so that you can get unique insights on things you care about. You get a number of free messages upon registration and once you consume them, you can purchase a package that allows you to message our locals (via the app or the website). All the interaction is chat based, so you don’t have to meet our locals in person. For more information about how loclpal works, please visit: https://www.loclpal.com/how-it-works.

Is it free?
It’s free to register on loclpal either as a traveler or as a local. You get a number of free messages upon registration so that you can try the service. Once you consume these messages, you can then purchase a messages package.

Do I meet the locals in person?
At this point, all communication is only chat-based, via our website and mobile apps.

How do I know that the locals know their city?
We review all our locals and ensure they have good knowledge of their city and their specific interests.

Is it safe?
Of course, it’s absolutely safe! As it stands now, all the interaction between travelers and locals is chat based and no personal/private information is exposed. All communication is via our platform and secure channels.

Are conversations private?
Yes, only the traveler and the given local have access to the content of a given conversation.

What should I do if a local recommends a place/activity that I’m not comfortable with?
You are always in charge of your schedule and itinerary. If you don’t feel comfortable with a recommendation, don’t follow it.

Can I be a traveler and a local at the same time?
Of course! You can be an expert local in one city and you can use loclpal as a traveler when you visit a new destination.

How does loclpal recommend locals to me?
Travelers and locals set up their profile, filling up some information about them (interests, languages that they speak, etc.). When you’re traveling you can navigate to that city’s page (or screen on the mobile app) and from there find locals that we recommend to you based on your interests and preferences. So, for example, if you’re a traveler visiting a city and you have set your interests as arts, photography and yoga, and your spoken languages as English, French we will find locals that have the same features and recommend these ones to you.

How does the interaction between me and the locals work?
All interaction is chat-based, via our website or our mobile apps (Android and iOS). There is a one-on-one chat interface, where you can ask questions and get responses from our locals. Each message can be 140 characters max. As mentioned above, you will be able to purchase a package that will grant you a certain number of messages.

Can I chat with more than one locals with one package?
Yes, you can use your free or package messages as you like, chatting with whoever local you want.

Why is the length of the messages limited?
Short answer: to keep it fair for our locals. Otherwise, there would be no way for our locals to manage the expectations.

I ran out of messages, can I buy another package?
Of course, you can buy as many packages as you like.

How can I pay for a package?
You can pay online, using your credit card details or PayPal.

Are payments secure?
Yes, all our payment channels are secure. We are utilizing some of the most established payment gateways that are fully PCI compliant, which means your payment information is secure.

Can I review a local?
Yes, At the end of your conversation (when a messages package is fully consumed or expired) both you and the local will rate each other based on some criteria.

What is your vision?
Our vision is to reshape experiential travel. Traveling and experiencing new places and cultures is one of the most eye-opening, fulfilling experiences one can have and we believe that it can be done better. And the best way you can truly make the most of what matters to you while traveling is by connecting with the right people that have all the local knowledge you seek for. Armed with this knowledge and personalized real-time information, you can explore any city on your own terms like a true local and create memorable, unforgettable moments.

For Locals

How do I get paid?
When customers purchase a messages package, we keep a small commission, and the rest gets distributed to the locals that served that customer. You can get paid via bank transfer or PayPal. Payouts are released twice a month.

Can I be a local in more than one places?
Yes, you can be a local in up to 10 cities/destinations, as long as you really know these destinations like a true local.

How can I apply to become a local?
You can apply here: https://www.loclpal.com/locals/apply. Our team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it free to apply to become a local?
Yes, it’s absolutely free.

What am I expected to do as a loclpal?
You should know your city/cities really well and be able to provide unique insights, tips, and recommendation for the interests that you are expert in. So, for example, if you’re a loclpal in a city and one of your interests is music, you should be able to provide travelers with music-related insights that they wouldn’t find anywhere else: underground music scenes, places to jam with other musicians, unique music festivals, little not-so-known concerts, etc. Of course, helping a traveler make the most of their trip also means great communication skills (fluent in whatever language the communication takes place in) and a natural gift for hospitality and making someone feel at home. From a technical/equipment point of view, all you need is a device that is connected to the Internet (desktop, laptop or mobile device) and dedicate some time to respond to travelers. You will have complete freedom to set your self as available / not available. Of course, the more available you are, the more business you will get the chance to bring in and earn more money.

How can I prepare to become a loclpal?
Think of which interests you’re more passionate about (fitness, arts, music, food, etc.) and how you could provide unique insights, tips, and recommendations around those interests to someone visiting your city. You can start thinking of some itineraries (“A day in …”, etc.) and generally think of experiences, places and things to do that you think are really unique and out of the touristic ordinary. To sum it up, it would be great to put yourself in the shoes of a like-minded traveler visiting your city and think of what you would want to know – if you were this traveler – to make the most of your trip.

Where can I find more information about loclpal and how to become a local?
This page is a great starting point. Additionally, we will be setting up some webinars and also send out educational emails. If you have any questions, please send us an email at hello@loclpal.com.

How many days per week do I need to work?
This is entirely up to you. You will be able to set your self as not available, however the more available you are the more chances you have to get more business and earn more money.

If I can postpone or decline in case that I don t have much time?
You will be able to set yourself as available/unavailable. When you are available, you will appear in search results and the lists of recommended locals. When you set yourself as unavailable you will not appear in any lists of locals, so that you don’t get new chat requests by travelers.

I can be a local in more than one places, do I have to relocate?
No, you can provide your service from wherever you are. All communication on loclpal is chat-based (text) via our website and mobile apps, there is no need for face-to-face interaction.

Can I rate the travelers?
Yes, At the end of your conversation (when a messages package is fully consumed or expired) both you and the local will rate each other based on some criteria.

Do I need to meet the customers in person?
No, at this stage, all communication is chat-based only, via our website and mobile apps.

What happens if I can’t respond to a message quickly?
Obviously, being able to respond fast is a plus, however, there are cases when this might not be possible. For example, if a traveler from a distant time zone messages you during your night time. Both – the traveler and the local – can see which time zone the other party is, so they will know what to expect when sending out a message.