loclpal for Businesses

Onboard your team and provide great value-added services to your customers

Expand your business

You are operating in the Tourism, Travel or Hospitality industry, and you are looking for ways to add more channels to serve your customers. Or you are taking your company through a digital transformation journey and you are looking to build a strong online presence. Whatever the case is, loclpal can help you leverage your current strengths - the unique local insights that you have in the areas that you operate - and offer new services that will delight your customers. Travelers are always on the move, you need to be where they are.

How it works

  • Onboard your team

    Get your team on loclpal, each with their own profile

  • Share local insights

    Your team are already expert locals, enable them to serve your customers

  • Delight your customers

    Provide value-added services to your customers and build loyalty

Why loclpal?

Enhance efficiency

Augment your team's potential by allowing them to serve customers, wherever they are

Analytics & Insights

Get access to real time analytics and make better, data-driven decisions for your business

Seamless onboarding

Getting your team set up is only a matter of minutes, no lengthy processes

how it works

Flexible plans

Choose the plan that works best for you and grow as your business grows

Targeted campaigns

Reach the right customer at the right time and get better return for your investments

Your brand first

Your customers will enjoy a fully branded experience tailored to you

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