loclpal for Municipalities and Governments

Enable your residents to become your ambassadors

Expand your reach

You are looking to increase the number of visitors in your municipality, city, or country overall. You need to find efficient and effective ways to communicate to the world what makes your city or country unique. Who is better suited to do that than your own residents? Many different voices, many different views, but one love for the place that you all call home.

How it works

  • Onboard locals

    Get your community on loclpal, each with their own profile

  • Share local insights

    Enable residents to serve travelers and share personalized tips and recommendations

  • Delight visitors

    Build a network of travelers that speak highly of your city and community

Why loclpal?

Reach wider

Augment your marketing efforts by allowing your locals to serve travelers

Analytics & Insights

Get access to real time analytics and make better, data-driven decisions for your organization

Seamless onboarding

Getting locals set up is only a matter of minutes, no lengthy processes

how it works

Flexible plans

Choose the plan that works best for you and grow as your visitors grow

Targeted campaigns

Reach the right visitor at the right time and get better return for your investments

Your organization first

Your customers will enjoy a fully customized experience tailored to you

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