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Hey there! I consider myself very spontaneous, in a sense that I love to create, reinvent and experiment new things. I studied and enjoyed engineering and I was one of the three women in Greece in my specialty but life has a way of changing things so I found my true passion and that is to connect with people. It's amazing how sharing thoughts and ideas, interests or experiences can make such incredible bonds all over the world. I am a collection of the things that have inspired me through my life and those things include my city. I believe that people like that i'm very chill and open-minded person. I love Athens because is the city that I was born and raised and where can appreciate a contrast of diversity. I like to find the most authentic places of a city. Those places that makes you connect with the people and makes you want to come back for another experience. Acropolis, Temples and museums are impressive, important and interesting but get to know the way real, every day Athenians live and hang out. See Athens as an insider make your visit a unique and authentic experience.

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