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I travelled around the world but my roots are in Rome and I love to experience any unusual aspect of this magic city. I have plenty of guide books, but when I travel I always try to comunicate with local people to understand the culture of their country and enjoy my trip at the best and, even being a local, I really like to do it in my town. I love to take my vespa and drive around, with my Thai wife, and chill in beautiful spots, having "aperitivo" along the river, eat a superb pizza and go in some underground club to listen good dj or some alternative band. And during the day I just walk in the historical center and look around, step on a 2000 years old street and watch all the magnificent monuments, churches and stones that are part of ancient Rome. Opposite of Rome is Bangkok, a city that I love and that I can get to know every year more; I start to use a guide to visit this city, about 10 years ago, but after married I understood that a book cannot show you, or better explain, the real aspect of this city, so I threw it and start to investigate the Thai version of Bangkok with the help of my wife; and I fell in love. The food, the people, the nightlife, the calm of this never-sleeping city! And when I don't travel or go around I work in a bank in the center of Rome.

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